Why You Need HCG Treatment in Lake Stevens to Lose Weight


HCG Treatment in Lake Stevens

With a plethora of different diets on today’s market, and more being established every day, why should you consider using HCG treatment in Lake Stevens? The answer is surprisingly simple.

This unique weight loss program varies substantially from other plans in that there are two precise components that work in tandem with each other. The first is a judiciously controlled low-calorie diet that provides detailed nutritional requirements. The second is a daily injection of the all-natural HCG hormone. As with any diminished calorie intake, this is really what causes you to lose weight. The supplementation of HCG offers the additional advantages of lessening or completely removing hunger pangs and helps the body lose fat stores in those “hard to lose” areas like the thighs and stomach rather than necessary muscle mass.

The HCG Diet consists of 3 distinct phases that influence the number of pounds you want to discard and keep off. The loading phase activates the process and takes 48 hours. During this time, you may eat and drink anything you wish and as much as you desire. This prepares your body for a lower calorie intake during the remainder of the plan. The 3-week maintenance phase includes limited calories that allow fast weight loss. HCG injections are dispensed each day to curb hunger and cravings and encourage fat loss. The last stage, known as the stabilization phase, permits your body to adjust from strict dietary guidelines to the measured addition of increased calories and fewer HCG injections.

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