Where to Find the HCG Diet in Monroe?

HCG diet in MonroeThe decision to diet requires commitment and determination. Not only to follow through with the program but maintain the newly acquired healthy lifestyle once the original, realistic goals are met. Reaching out to McQuinn Naturopathic and inquiring about the HCG diet in Monroe, shows the determination required to shed those extra pounds. Our experienced, qualified staff will share in the commitment to follow through with the plan and maintain the lifestyle with counseling and coaching throughout.

Modified over many years as the understanding of the body’s natural hormone capabilities come to light through modern science and medicine, the HCG diet was designed for those with severe weight to loose.  It must be noted that rapid weight loss can be expected from this diet. As a result, those individuals that do not need to lose more than 20 pounds to reach what would be considered a normal BMI or body mass index, will not qualify to be placed on the HCG diet.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally produced hormone in pregnant women. Through numerous studies, it has proven to increase the body’s ability to burn fat while retaining muscle. Under the supervision of a physician, combining HCG injections, a healthy diet and select supplements, the HCG diet just may be the diet you’ve been looking for.

Continuing with our commitment to our clients, we, at McQuinn Naturopathic will work with each client to find the underlying causes of weight gain. In doing so, we can create a maintenance program specifically designed for each individual.

If you’re looking not only for a new you but the real you with an HCG diet in Monroe, contact us at McQuinn Naturopathic, (425)905-2497 for a consultation today! Start the year with the scale going in the right direction-down!