What’s So Great About the HCG Diet in Marysville?

It would take quite awhile to add up all the diets and weight loss programs in today’s market. Additional protocols are being developed every day. How do you know what will work best for you? Careful research may lead you to a program that has been around for years and promises tremendous weight loss success. Examine the straightforward plan of the HCG Diet in Marysville. This unique weight loss regimen is different from others and is comprised of  two integral components. The first is the administration of a daily HCG hormone injection that is dosed according to your specific requirements. Secondly, a controlled diet program with strict guidelines for nutrition and caloric intake is followed. While you lose weight on the diet, HCG eliminates uncomfortable hunger pains and allows your body to use up unwanted fat stores without losing muscle mass.

The HCG Diet is made up of 3 separate parts and lasts for about a month or so. The first 2 days are the loading phase. During this time, you can eat and drink whatever you wish. This prepares your body for fewer calories during the next phase. The next 3 weeks, or maintenance phase, include HCG injections each day and the restricted diet that is rich in nutrients. Lastly, the stabilization phase transitions you from the diet to a more typical eating style and fewer injections.

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