What makes the HCG Diet in Monroe different?

HCG Diet in MonroeThere is often a discrepancy between the amount of weight you want to lose and the amount you need to lose. Evaluating your BMI or body mass index is often a more realistic view of the weight loss goals you should strive to obtain. Even if you do not seem able to drop the number of pounds you should, weight loss in general is an excellent way to be healthier. One diet program that has shown favorable results over years of practice is the HCG Diet in Monroe.

Since the makeup of men’s and women’s bodies is profoundly different, it stands to reason that they lose weight differently, as well. Men typically average about 1 pound of weight loss daily on the HCG Diet, while women lose about 1/2 to 3/4 pound each day. Of course, this can vary from day to day, as with any weight loss plan.

The first week of the diet usually produces the most weight loss and this tends to slow in subsequent weeks. Depending upon your weight loss goals, the length of a typical session is 6 weeks but you can add additional time as needed.

Following the strict meal plan and injection protocol is crucial for success on the program. It is easy to be discouraged when weight loss slows after the first week but following through the entire schedule is necessary to realize complete success.

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