What IS the HCG Diet in Snohomish?

The HCG Diet in Snohomish is unique among hundreds of weight loss plans in that it effectively combines a low calorie, nutrient rich diet with daily HCG injections. While it is the actual diet that causes the rapid weight loss, the addition of HCG injections not only reduces or totally eliminates hunger, but helps your body lose the unwanted fat rather than muscle that you want to keep.

What IS the HCG Diet in Snohomish?

As with any diet program it is important to gauge your current health to determine if it is the best time to start. A complete physical and personal evaluation and consultation are necessary to ensure that the procedure is safe to implement. Diagnostic testing and a detailed questionnaire are included.

Available for the past few decades, the HCG Diet is comprised of 3 distinct phases that guide the body to drop pounds.

  1. The loading phase is the beginning of your journey. It lasts 2 days. During this 48 hour period you are able to eat and drink whatever you like. This prepares your body for the next 2 phases.
  2. The maintenance phase takes 3 weeks. Your daily caloric intake is carefully restricted, under supervision, to cause swift loss of weight. HCG injections are administered every 24 hours to encourage fat loss and deter hunger and cravings.
  3. The last phase is known as stabilization. This is the transition period from the strict diet guidelines into gradually adding more calories each day and lowering the number of injections required.

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