Shed Pounds FAST with the HCG Diet in Everett

Shed Pounds FAST with the HCG Diet in EverettWith any number of diets on the market today, and more being developed all the time, why should you take advantage of the HCG Diet in Everett? The answer is a simple one. This particular weight loss plan varies significantly from others in that there are two specific components. The first is a carefully controlled low calorie diet that supplies specific nutritional requirements and the second is the daily injection of the HCG hormone. As with any reduced calorie intake, this is what actually what causes weight loss. HCG supplementation has the additional benefits of reducing or completely banishing hunger and aids in the body losing fat stores instead of valuable muscle mass.

The HCG Diet is comprised of three separate phases that contribute to losing the pounds you want to shed.Available for the past few decades, the HCG Diet is comprised of 3 distinct phases that guide the body to drop pounds.

  1. The loading phase begins the process and lasts for 48 hours. You are permitted to eat and drink anything during these first two days, as this readies your body for the remainder of the program.
  2. During the maintenance phase (three weeks) your daily calories will be limited to encourage rapid weight loss. HCG injections are administered every day to further encourage fat loss and curb cravings and hunger.
  3. The stabilization phase allows you to transition from dietary restrictions to the slow addition of more calories and decreasing the number of HCG injections.

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