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HCG benefits in Monroe

There are countless diets available today for individuals who want to lose a few or a great many pounds. The challenge is choosing the one that is safe to use and helps you realize your weight loss goals. The HCG Diet has aided thousands of people lose weight since its discovery decades ago. In addition, there are many HCG benefits in Monroe for those who take part in the program.

As a naturally occurring hormone within the body, HCG has long been identified as a fertility booster. However, studies have proven that HCG also works to drop unwanted pounds (without becoming pregnant!). As per current legislation, HCG injections must be delivered by a medical professional. Oral HCG drops that may be obtained over the counter are not only illegal but ineffective.

Prior to starting the HCG Diet, a healthcare specialist will evaluate your overall health and discuss your medical history. After approval for the program, you will receive daily HCG injections, along with a supervised low calorie meal plan. Guidance about exercise, nutrition, portion regulation and supplementation with vitamins and minerals will continue throughout the plan.

The HCG Diet encourages weight loss success by conquering food addictions, developing healthy changes to your lifestyle, liberating yourself from destructive eating practices, providing hormonal balance that promotes better sleep and more energy and eliminating uncomfortable hunger pangs.

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