Safe, Effective HCG Weight Loss in Arlington

HCG Weight Loss in Arlington

Although usually associated with pregnancy, HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that occurs naturally in both women and men. HCG is also utilized to shed excess pounds but there are contradictory reports as to its efficacy in this area. There are thousands of people, however, who can confirm the fact that they have effectively dropped the weight they wanted with the HCG Diet. Let’s look closer at HCG weight loss in Arlington.

The HCG Diet program began in the 1950s and centers around a specifically designed, low calorie eating plan in combination with daily HCG injections. Consuming fewer calories is what really causes you to lose weight, but the HCG injections alter how your body gets rid of body fat and where it originates. Participants in the program drop fat from problem areas of the body that often accumulate pounds while having no feelings of hunger or deprivation.

A thorough health assessment is an important first step before beginning the diet to make certain that you have no medical disorders or are on any medication which may negatively affect its success.

Weight is quickly lost on a daily basis while on the HCG Diet with close supervision of medical personnel. Although you can find liquid HCG products available online and in stores, they are not only useless for weight loss, they are also prohibited.

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