Lose Weight Differently with HCG Benefits in Monroe

Lose Weight Differently with HCG Benefits in MonroeHCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a naturally-occurring hormone in the body and is regularly used to aid in achieving pregnancy. A very different and highly controversial option for the use of HCG is that it is also available for weight loss. There are a number of positive HCG benefits in Monroe for losing weight that are worth close consideration.

Oral HCG simply does not work, as it must be absorbed into the bloodstream to take effect. This is the purpose of HCG injections. In conjunction with a specially designed low calorie diet, HCG aids in losing unwanted fat stores rather than muscle.

A number of studies have shown that muscle loss is detrimental to the metabolism of he body as it slows it down. HCG allows your body to eliminate fat in areas such as the waist and buttocks areas instead of the muscle that you need; therefore, when the diet is concluded, there is little to no regaining of weight. Medical supervision is required with the HCG plan, both to administer injections and carefully monitor overall health and weight loss.

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