Learn More About Naturopathic HCG in Lake Stevens

Naturopathic HCG in Lake Stevens

Since the HCG Diet program began several decades ago, it has been met with skepticism by many. However, there are too many success stories because of the plan to discount it. Naturopathic HCG in Lake Stevens, in conjunction with a healthy, satisfying, low-calorie diet DOES work.

Daily HCG injections move unwanted fat in the hips, waist and buttocks from those areas while maintaining necessary fat stores in areas such as the face and neck. While the exact way this occurs is still not understood completely, numerous studies have demonstrated that this is the case.

HCG is an unexpectedly influential appetite suppressant, so individuals on the program who eat a lot less do not experience hunger pangs or food cravings. There are also no side effects that are common to typical appetite suppressants, like headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness and more. HCG also has the benefit of helping participants to have a better attitude, less irritability and increased energy.

Addition of vitamin and mineral supplementation while on the plan ensures that participants get all nutrients that they need. Exercise is not required during the program but a brief walk daily is always beneficial.

As with any diet plan, it is important to have a medical evaluation before starting it to ensure that you are healthy enough to follow the program. A cycle typically lasts for about 30 days but can be repeated as necessary.

Consult with the medical professionals at McQuinn Naturopathic to learn how naturopathic HCG in Lake Stevens can help you lose weight quickly without being uncomfortable and enjoying real food. We will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss the program. Phone us at (425) 905-2497.