Information about HCG Weight Loss in Monroe

Choosing the right diet plan for you from the hundreds available is almost as difficult as participating in a diet itself. The HCG Diet is an excellent choice for individuals desiring to lose 20 pounds or more. The program for HCG weight loss in Monroe is straightforward and easy to follow, while allowing at least one pound of weight loss or more each day during the 8 week period of the program.

HCG Weight Loss in Monroe

The basic tenets of the HCG diet plan include a very low calorie diet with specific nutritional requirements, vitamin and mineral supplementation and a daily HCG injection, typically self-administered. The diet alone is highly successful in garnering significant weight loss. The addition of HCG encourages the body’s metabolism to accelerate and for unwanted fat to virtually melt away. Important muscle mass is not lost. Before beginning the plan, your medical profile will be analyzed to ensure that you are a good candidate for participation.

In order to safely and effectively complete the treatment plan, it must be administered under the close administration and monitoring of a medical professional. In addition, instructional guidance throughout the program for support. Results are visible immediately and as a beneficial side effect, there are no hunger pangs that are often felt on other diet programs.

To get started as soon as possible on your individual HCG weight loss in Monroe, speak with an informed staff member at McQuinn Naturopathic at (425)905-2497. We would be happy to outline the program for you and to schedule a consultation.