How much weight will I lose on the HCG Diet in Arlington?

HCG Diet in ArlingtonOften, effective weight loss is measured by how much you need to lose as compared to how much you actually lose. If you strive to drop 15 pounds but only lose 10 on a particular diet within a specified length of time, most people feel that it isn’t a “good” diet. This assumption is not totally accurate. Let’s take a look at the success of the HCG Diet in Arlington.

Men and women lose weight differently and at different rates. On the HCG Diet with one round of injections, men typically lose about 1 pound per day, while women average 1/2 to 3/4 pound daily. As with any diet plan, some days you may lose more and on others, less.

During the first week of the diet, you will likely experience the most weight loss at once. Subsequent weeks usually total less weight loss. The duration of the original plan is 6 weeks, although you can complete additional programs if you need to lose more weight.

The most important factor in following the HCG Diet is to stick to the regimented meal plan and injection protocol for the entire length of the program. Some people become discouraged after the first week when weight loss slows somewhat and want to give up. If you follow through, you will realize weight loss success.

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