How HCG in Marysville Promotes Successful Weight Loss

How HCG in Marysville Promotes Successful Weight Loss

To understand HCG in Marysville and how it aids in weight loss, it is important to know what HCG is. Human chorionic gonadotropin is evident in both the male and female reproductive systems. Pregnant women produce excess amounts of HCG, which support the growing fetus as it develops.

The HCG Diet protocol involves daily injections of HCG while following a carefully-designed low-calorie nutritional program. Eating fewer calories aids the body in dropping unwanted pounds quickly. The HCG ensures that the body has enough energy to maintain the loss of calories and that fat rather than muscle is lost.

To lose 1-2 pounds of fat daily, the diet plan includes healthy and nutritious proteins, fruits and vegetables eaten regularly throughout the day. Vitamin and mineral supplements may be added, as required.

There are 4 distinct phases of the HCG Diet plan that promote simple and successful weight loss:

  • Phase 1 is referred to as the loading phase. You will build up your stores of fat by eating as much as you wish to encourage success while following the plan.
  • Phase 2 lasts from 3-6 weeks. You will eat a restricted number of calories and have daily HCG injections.
  • Phase 3 is about 2 weeks long and does not include HCG injections. You will weigh daily as you add more calories to your diet to ensure that your weight loss is stable.
  • Phase 4 is the maintenance phase. During the plan, you learned how to manage your caloric intake and are ready to enjoy the benefits of a healthier body.

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