HCG Weight Loss in Everett

HCG Weight Loss in EverettWe all have our own reasons we want or need to lose weight. These reasons may include but not limited to; the wish to have more energy, to look good and feel better about ourselves. Or it may be to gain back that sense of confidence we haven’t felt in a long time. Included in everyone’s decision to drop a few pounds is no doubt to live a healthier life style. On the flipside, we all have our reason’s we haven’t done it yet. It may be our busy schedules don’t afford us the time to go to the gym, sweat it out on a treadmill for an hour just to watch the ounces slowly leave our bodies over a long period of time. If this sounds about right, HCG Weight Loss in Everett has the solution you’ve been looking for.

Originally introduced over fifty years ago by a Dr. Simeons, MD, HCG Weight Loss has integrated the vast amount of medical advancements made since that time to produce a safer, healthier and more effective method of HCG weight loss.

Human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally produced hormone in pregnant women which basically maintains pregnancy. More recently, HCG has been found to assist with the rapid loss of weight under the supervision and guidance of a qualified medical physician. HCG is essentially used to stimulate the body’s ability to burn fat while retaining muscle.

It should be noted that HCG weight loss is not for those that just want to lose the five pounds gained over the holidays. In fact, HCG weight Loss will not accept anyone into their program that does not need to lose in excess of 20 pounds. This is a rapid weight loss program. It is not uncommon for some to lose 1-2 lbs. daily.

What to Expect

Since every person’s circumstances are different, each patient will undergo a complete evaluation to be sure HCG weight loss is the correct method for you. Along with daily injections of HCG, vitamin B12 and other weight loss enhancers, a diet will be designed specifically for you. Several factors will be taken into consideration when determining your diet. Such as; social habits, activity level as well as stress level. Rest assured however, you will not feel hungry when on this diet.

Relapsing is a common fear of any diet. With this in mind, HCG weight loss does have a maintenance program that can be customized to fit your requirements. Factors such as the ones mentioned above as well as others would be taken into consideration.

If you feel this may be the weight loss program for you or would just like more information regarding HCG Weight Loss in Everett , call McQuinn Naturopathic at (425)905-2497. Start to enjoy a healthier lifestyle today!