HCG Weight Loss in Everett for Better Health

HCG Weight Loss in Everett for Better HealthHCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural hormone that has been getting some interesting, yet controversial, press over the past several years. It has experienced a resurgence in popularity lately, as well. The confusion about the hormone and the diet that bears its name lies in its legality and effectiveness for successfully losing weight. Let’s set the record straight about HCG weight loss in Everett.

The HCG Diet, in existence in various forms since the 1950s, involves following a highly restricted diet and daily HCG injections. The premise is that the unique combination of low caloric intake and the metabolism-speeding effects of HCG effectively promote fast and safe weight loss. Participants lose stubborn fat and experience no hunger. Thousands of happy customers can attest to the fact that they did indeed lose weight with this plan.

Under the careful supervision of medical personnel during the course of the weight loss program, the HCG Diet does result in rapid weight loss. Do not be lulled into trusting the HCG products available on the market in liquid form that are not only illegal, but are not effective for losing weight.

Learn more about how the HCG Diet works and find success with HCG weight loss in Everett by speaking with Dr. Beth Quinn and her professional staff at McQuinn Naturopathic. Call (425)905-2497 to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation. Now is the time to try something different to lose the weight that just won’t seem to leave no matter what you do.