HCG Treatment in Monroe Releases Stubborn Fat

HCG Treatment in Monroe

HCG treatment in Monroe has been around longer than many people may believe but has recently undergone a revival in popularity, particularly in the United States. Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, an endocrinologist, developed the HCG Diet more than 50 years ago. After intense study, he found that the combination of a very low-calorie diet and daily injections of the HCG hormone worked together to eliminate stubborn fat stores, particularly in the stomach, hips and thighs. Weight loss is easily attained within a typical 23-45 day program.

Though HCG drops and sublingual formulas can be obtained over-the-counter, they are illegal and have no positive weight loss outcomes. When administered by medical professionals, HCG injections insert the hormone right into the bloodstream, where it helps the body drop unwanted pounds without unwelcome cravings and hunger pangs. Even more importantly, it is easier to maintain your weight loss after completing the protocol.

Depending on your overall health and any medical conditions you are experiencing, the diet ranges from about 500-1000 calories each day. You will primarily eat fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins. Starches, sugars and oils are not included. diet, depending upon your current health and medical conditions that you may have. Lean

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