HCG Treatment in Monroe for Quick Weight Loss

You may have heard the recent buzz about a “new” diet program that promises successful and quick weight loss without adding exercise to your everyday routine. Well, the method is far from new (in fact, it began decades ago), but does offer fast results. To lose weight – up to 1 pound per day – consult a medical professional today for HCG treatment in Monroe.

HCG Treatment in Monroe for Quick Weight Loss

The HCG plan is comprised of 2 distinct components. The first is a very low calorie diet that contains high protein, no sugar, dairy or alcohol and lower amounts of starches, carbohydrates and fat. This, in and of itself, ensures rapid weight loss. With the addition of daily HCG injections for 23 of 26 days, dropping pounds is guaranteed. It is crucial to work with a medical practitioner during the process for proper monitoring and evaluation.

What makes HCG so special is that it changes how your body sheds the weight. Muscle is preserved and only the adipose tissue is lost. This is all done without hunger pains and no cravings for food that you are not permitted to have.

The base program lasts for 26 days. If you have more weight to lose, there is a break of several days to ensure that your body does not become immune to the effects of HCG, and then the procedure is followed again.

The HCG treatment program effectively eliminates food addictions and abnormal eating behaviors.

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