HCG Treatment in Lake Stevens

HCG treatment in in Lake StevensWhen it comes to weight loss, there is no question that more than a few people are seeking a safe and effective method to see immediate results. While there are endless pills and plans to attempt, there is also another option. HCG treatment in Lake Stevens offers dieters with exceptional and immediate results.

The HCG diet consists of daily injections along with a reduced calorie diet. Together, these factors help those following the diet shed up to two pounds every single day. The process to begin the diet is fairly comprehensive and will consist of a medical evaluation and blood tests to ensure that it is safe for every individual client.

After the initial evaluation, dieters will receive their customized, reduced calorie eating plan, which will usually consist of between 500 and 1,000 calories each day, as well as their injections supplies. One of the most appealing factors of the HCG diet is the fact that dieters do not feel hungry, even with the significantly decreased caloric intake.

Another appealing factor is that no exercise is required to see weight loss. In fact, the doctor will recommend that you avoid any type of vigorous exercise while following the HCG diet. If a plateau is reached, the diet plan can be adjusted accordingly to ensure that weight loss picks back up.

The entire time a patient is following the diet they will receive guidance and advice from the doctor to ensure they are able to meet their actual weight loss goals. This sets this particular HCG diet program apart from the others that are currently available.

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