HCG Tips: A Naturopathic Solution to Weight Loss Woes

naturopathic HCG in MonroeEveryone has seen the cliché ad with the headline of “Lose Weight Fast” with the picture of the super-skinny model in a bikini or other tight outfit; however, they also likely know that these ads are purely hype, trying to get desperate consumers to purchase the latest trend or fad product in the weight loss industry. For anyone ready to actually lose weight, safely, quickly and without the traditional fasting, shakes, juices or other crazy methods, there is a solution: naturopathic HCG in Monroe.

This is a program that is completely physician supervised, and that allows patients to lose as much as two pounds every day – with no adverse side effects or health risks. How, is likely the next question that comes to mind..This is because this weight loss method utilizes the power of a hormone that occurs naturally in women when they are pregnant.

With daily injections and a reduced calorie diet, patients can finally see daily results, which include a loss of pounds, body contouring and a reduced appetite.

While there are still skeptics out there, the fact is that this has proven to be an effective weight loss method, when followed strictly. This means the injections are taken daily and that the custom, reduced calorie diet, which is typically between 500 and 1,000 calories, is not altered or strayed from in any way.

Even with the significant reduction in calories, patients do not feel hungry, due to the HCG injections they receive. The progress of each patient is also tracked by a doctor, to ensure that the weight being lost is being done so in a safe manner and that the patient is not risking their health in any way.

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