HCG is Effective and Safe

HCG diet in EverettThe HCG Diet in Everett and Nationwide is gaining credibility and has become extremely popular. When an effective HCG diet is used and monitored by professionals, dropping weight is easy, quick and safe. Some of the advantages of a strategic HCG diet plan are detailed below.

Weight loss will be achieved with the daily injection of the HCG hormone, combined with a 500 calorie diet. HCG will release the stores of fat into the bloodstream so it can be used as energy throughout the day.

There are several different types of the HCG diet, all of them designed to help dieters lose excess pounds easily and quickly. For rapid weight loss tailored for patients 20lbs or more to lose, our HCG diet is cutting edge and yields results you will notice within a short amount of time.

As the HCG Diet is closely monitored by professionals, safety and health is always taken into consideration. Each program is medically supervised each step of the way to encourage that both short term and long term goals are met.

When the HCG diet is started, dieters will be given a list of approved foods for the 500 calorie diet. This list consists of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins. For anyone looking for a way to eat better, but not sure where to start, then this is a great option. Once the HCG diet is complete,  dieters will have gained helpful knowledge that will promote continued healthy eating habits throughout a lifetime.

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