HCG Benefits in Marysville

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a naturally-occurring hormone that comes in several different forms when utilized as a weight loss aid. Injections have proven to be the best and most effective way to get HCG into the bloodstream quickly. Aside from the fantastic advantages for losing weight there are numerous other HCG benefits in Marysville.

HCG Benefits in Marysville

HCG dosage depends on your weight and personal medical history and must be administered under close medical supervision for continued safety and monitoring. A personalized low calorie diet accompanies HCG injections and includes emphasis on key nutrients, portion control, nutritional supplementation and an exercise regimen designed specifically for you.

There are at least 5 recognized benefits of using HCG:

  1. It breaks unhealthy food addictions and their side effects (sugar and carbohydrate cravings, headaches, inflammation, etc.).
  2. It changes hormonal cycles to promote better, more restful sleep and more energy for the things you love to do.
  3. It helps to develop a healthier lifestyle which can lead to a longer life and fewer health issues.
  4. It breaks bad dietary habits that lead to weight gain and health problems.
  5. There are no uncomfortable hunger pains in spite of a low calorie diet and you look and feel better than ever before.

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