HCG Benefits in Everett Just for You

shutterstock_485336113Many people recognize the naturally-occurring hormone, HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, for its promise as a fertility aid. However, over years of study and practice, HCG also is highly advantageous for helping boost weight loss. Pounds drop rapidly and there are no side effects. HCG can be administered through oral drops and by injection. The drops actually do not really work and are not legal. HCG injections, however, allow the hormone to enter the bloodstream quickly to step up weight loss and are legal under medical supervision. There are several additional  HCG benefits in Everett that should be explored, as well.

Authorized medical professionals will evaluate your health before starting the HCG protocol and you must stay under the supervision of medical staff for safety purposes. When combined, HCG injections and a controlled calorie diet are all that are necessary to shed pounds. Personal counseling sessions include discussion of the important nutrients that your body must have, recommendations for exercise, how to control portions and supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Also consider the following advantages:

  • Food addictions cease.
  • Hormone cycles are adjusted and encourage a better quality of sleep and accompanying increased energy.
  • Healthy lifestyle changes develop throughout the program.
  • Inappropriate eating habits are lost.
  • There are no uncomfortable hunger pains.
  • Look and feel like new!

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