Find Weight Loss Success with the HCG Diet in Snohomish

Find Weight Loss Success with the HCG Diet in SnohomishThere are literally hundreds of diet plans available today that each promise little effort and big rewards. Which one is best for your individual needs? It can be quite difficult to choose one. You may have heard about the HCG Diet in Snohomish but don’t really know what is about. Learn more here.

The HCG Diet is a two-part program that works in tandem to help you lose weight safely and quickly. A low calorie diet rich in protein and beneficial nutrients is followed each day. In addition, a daily injection of the HCG hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin allows your body to burn stored fat without hunger.

Three separate components make up the HCG Diet for effective weight loss and are followed closely and monitored by health professionals.

  1. The loading phase comes first. It lasts for 48 hours. During this time you can eat and drink as much as you want of any type food and beverage that you desire. This “bingeing” phase prepares your body for the limited calorie intake to come.
  2. The maintenance phase lasts for 3 weeks. During this time you will carefully follow a prescribed nutritional plan and have a daily HCG injection. Fat loss is encouraged and cravings are eliminate.
  3. The stabilization phase permits gradual calorie increase and HCG injection decrease to transition to a more standard healthy eating plan.

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