Find Success with Effective HCG Weight Loss in Monroe

Although most often recognized during pregnancy, HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that occurs naturally in both women and men. There are contradictory reports as to the effectiveness of HCG utilized for weight loss. Thousands of people have proven that they have successfully dropped unwanted pounds with the help of the HCG Diet. Let’s look at HCG weight loss in Monroe.

When the HCG Diet began in the 1950s, it was expressly designed to be based on a low-calorie meal plan and accompanied by HCG injections every day. Taking in fewer calories is what actually leads to weight loss but the injections of HCG alter how your body drops the weight and what part of the body the weight comes from.  Participants lose fat from specific “hard to lose” areas of the body that seem grow faster than others and there are no hunger pangs or feelings of deprivation.

An overall health assessment is important before starting the program to make certain that there are no medical problems that may affect its attainment. Weight is quickly lost under the HCG Diet plan with careful supervision by medical staff. While you may find liquid HCG products on store shelves and online, they not only do not work for weight loss, they are also illegal.

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