Fast Weight Loss Is Possible with the HCG Diet Plan

When you struggle with your weight, you have not only a cosmetic issue to deal with, but also a serious health risk. Excess weight does more than just change your appearance; it can also increase your risk for serious conditions like heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Because of this, it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, and the HCG Diet Plan offers a solution that works for just about anyone.

What Is the Lynnwood HCG Diet ?

The HCG Diet Plan Lynnwood is a weight loss protocol that combines a very low calorie diet with treatment using the HCG hormone. On this diet, many people lose between one and three pounds a day. While there are other low calorie diet plans out there, this one seems to provide dieters with an effective way to change their relationships with food, thus helping them maintain their results for the long term.

Many very low calorie diet plans cause this type of weight loss, but the difference between them and the HCG diet protocol is the fact that the weight lost is actually lean muscle, rather than adipose fat tissue. The addition of the HCG hormone, which is normally present in pregnant women in high levels, is a loss of adipose fat first, rather than lean muscle. In addition, the nutrients stored in this fat tissue are released into the body. This means hcg that you will not struggle with the nutrient deficiencies common when on a very low calorie diet.

How Many Calories?

Dieters on this program are to consume only 500 calories per day. This seems like an incredibly low amount, but the HCG shots or pills cause the hypothalamus to make use of the fat in storage in your body. By only feeding the body 500 calories, the fat must be used for energy. In fact, most people use about 1,000 calories of fat a day on the plan, which is what leads to the fast, effective weight loss.

Long Term Changes

The HCG diet is not intended for long-term dieting. In fact, most dieters follow the protocol for a period of just a couple of months, then return to their normal eating routines for a while before repeating. However, most find that the strict calorie control while on the HCG Diet Plan causes them to not crave foods the way they did prior to dieting. They develop a healthy relationship with food and are able to maintain their weight loss through a balanced diet and strong exercise program. Contact us  at McQuinn Naturopathic for a consultation to begin your HCG Diet Plan.