Drop Unwanted Pounds Now with HCG Treatment in Lake Stevens

HCG treatment in Lake StevensYou can achieve exceptional weight loss success with a decades-old program founded by Dr. Simeons, a well-respected endocrinologist. Start your journey with HCG treatment in Lake Stevens to drop pounds quickly and safely, as thousands have done for more than 50 years. A recent rise in popularity again has helped men and women alike lose stubborn fat in the stomach, thighs and hips. A precise combination of a nutritious, low calorie diet and daily HCG injections allows participants to experience successful weight loss during the 3-6 week protocol.

You may have noticed that numerous retail and online outlets sell HCG weight loss drops. Not only are they ineffective but are illegal for use as a weight loss aid. Carefully supervised HCG injections by medical personnel are the only approved method for successful and safe weight loss. Injections of HCG rapidly travel through the bloodstream, which leads to swift weight loss. There are no unpleasant episodes of cravings or hunger between meals. Maintaining weight loss is also easier after completing the program.

After a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and discussion of your specific fitness goals, a specific procedure is designed just for you. You will follow a prescribed diet plan that ranges from 500-1000 calories each day. Foods emphasized are lean proteins and fruits and vegetables. Oils, starches and sugar are not permitted.

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