Discover the HCG Benefits in Lake Stevens for Yourself

HCG benefits in Lake Stevens

You may have heard that HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, a naturally-occurring hormone in the body, is routinely utilized to help with becoming pregnant. HCG has other uses, however. One quite different and very divisive option for HCG use is to lose weight. There are numerous favorable HCG benefits in Lake Stevens for weight loss that should be taken into consideration.

While there is both an oral and injectable form of HCG, note that the oral form has no effect on weight loss. HCG must be directly administered into the bloodstream to work. This is the reason for closely monitored daily HCG injections. In combination with a specially created low-calorie diet, HCG allows fat to be eliminated rather than muscle.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that muscle loss is harmful to the body’s metabolism, since it slows it down. HCG allows the body to remove fat in the waist and rump instead of the muscle that your body needs; so, when the diet sequence ends, there is virtually no return of weight gain. Medical management is necessary with the HCG plan, both to deliver injections and monitor weight loss and total health.

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