Choose HCG in Snohomish for Effective Weight Loss

HCG in Snohomish for Effective Weight LossWith a plethora of diets in today’s market, it is hard to choose the right one that meets all of your specific needs. You must take into consideration your personal circumstances, overall health and goals for weight loss when making this important decision. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds or more, evaluate HCG in Snohomish.

The weight loss counselor at the clinic will take your medical history, usage of prescription and OTC medication and general lifestyle attributes. If you are a good candidate for the program, lab tests and a comprehensive blood work up will be ordered. Throughout the program, medical staff will closely monitor your progress and heath, supply guidance about the low calorie diet and answer additional questions you may have. Carefully measured HCG injections will be administered each day during the treatment program.

There are many distinct advantages of the HCG Diet that include:

  • Weight loss from 1/2 to 1 pound each day.
  • Reduced or completely eliminated hunger.
  • Metabolism increase.
  • A more well-defined and shapely figure will emerge.
  • Stored fat will disappear.
  • Muscle tone will remain while fat is lost.
  • The body’s necessary structural fat will not be harmed.
  • Natural body processes will improve with a more meaningful weight.

Call the medical team at McQuinn Naturopathic at (425)905-2487 to make an appointment for your initial consultation and screening with Dr. Beth McQuinn or another one of our expert clinicians to see if this revolutionary is right for your goals. We are ready to help you lose those unwanted pounds with HCG in Snohomish.