A 2011 Study of HCG in Monroe

A 2011 Study of HCG in MonroeHCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is highly controversial when considered for weight loss, although its use for other purposes is less so. Dr. Sheri L. Emma conducted a study in 2011 of HCG in Monroe that analyzed hundreds of users. Let’s look at the results.

Dr. Emma’s study showed that HCG is not absorbed into the bloodstream when taken orally. HCG injections are absorbed into the bloodstream and change the way you lose weight. The two groups in the study, those on the placebo HCG and those on actual HCG were on the same low calorie diet. After a month on the plan, both groups lost weight but their body structures were different at the month’s end. The placebo group lost 5 pounds of muscle and the HCG group lost 2 pounds of muscle.

Losing muscle negatively affects the body’s metabolism. With HCG, you lose weight differently. Fat stores are burned instead of muscle, leading to no weight re-gain after the diet is concluded. Dr. Emma noted that it is critical to follow the HCG diet under medical supervision to ensure that you are healthy enough to begin the diet program and for careful monitoring of body systems to ensure safety.

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